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Character Biographies


Dionisia Gregory

As the matriarch of the Gregory household, Dionisia is committed to the well being and safety of her family. Beneath the facade of a loving grandmother, lies a fierce warrior who can’t quite settle into the quiet life. She is clever and always has a contingency plan.


Joseph Yrenaryme

Joseph is hot-headed and eager to prove himself. He is one of seventeen children of a lesser nobleman. He is hoping to become a knight and make a name for himself. He is currently the squire of Lord Larkin, and lives with his family in Kantland.


Larkin Gregory

Larkin made his career as a soldier, participating in many battles for the Kantland king. He is currently enjoying the break in military action by spending time with his grandchildren. He is patient and makes a good mentor to Joseph.


Kartar Dewanji

Kartar is a talented sorcerer who spent most of their life devoted to the study of the nature of magic, causing them to cross paths with Dionisia. Kartar’s selfishness caused a rift in their relationship. After some soul searching Kartar decided to devote their life to a monastery in Mahid. They have found fulfillment in their new role but are struggling with having to hide their magical nature.


Ram Naqib

Although a traveler at heart, Ram has made the Gregory castle his home. As a polyglot he has made himself an invaluable member of the Gregory household, and has earned his place as Larkin’s valet. He is level headed and thinks quickly on his feet.


Mina Hengeston

Mina is a mysterious friend from Ram’s equally mysterious past. She is a young woman of many useful talents. Quick of mind and body. Jovial and kind despite what may be considered nefarious activities.