Chapter 1

Dionisia’s quiet life is interrupted when a mysterious distress beacon is activated. In order to conceal her location she makes a trip to the fairly realm.

Chapter 2

Just what lead to Kartar activating the distress beacon? We find what kind of trouble would cause them to upend Dionisia’s life.

Chapter 3

Dionisia has always been a planner and she moves cautiously, cementing her plan with Larkin before heading out to rescue Kartar.

Chapter 4

The mysterious dungeon is full of peril and Kartar may not last long. Dionisia hopes an old shortcut might help shorten her journey.

Chapter 5

The plan is put into motion and the team knows what parts to play. Here is hoping things go smoothly.

Chapter 6

Things have become complicated and team is frantically trying to make their escape.

Chapter 7

The thrilling conclusion to this whole mess.